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Helping with advice tickets, travel for Classic Car and Racing Events since 2014.

Who are we?

LMC Drivers Club was created in 2014 in it's original format as a Facebook group for fans of the Le Mans Classic, more recently we have added to our group interests of other prestigious classic cars events and classic racing in general.

We have recently started supplying our own branded club merchandise due to popular demand.

Help and advice

We have a wealth of advice and experience within our sites on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on all things classic racing and classic cars.

If you are looking for your next Classic or Race car, take a look at our new Paddock where you can search the globe!


What does LMC Drivers Club Offer?

We offer a range of areas

Our Team


Classic racing is a thing of wonder old boy


I do love a good classic racing ploy


Classic cars make me smile, which is amazing
considering I don't have a face!


If only I could see Howards smile

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